Call for BIOMAG2022

In accordance with the policy of the International Advisory Board (IAB) of the Biomag conferences, this is a call for proposals to host the Biomag2022 Conference.

The Biomag 2018 conference will be held in Philadelphia, USA, as approved at the Biomag 2014 in Halifax, Canada. [Recent and planned meetings are: Paris, France 2012, Halifax, Canada 2014, Seoul, S.Korea 2016, Philadelphia, USA 2018, Birmingham , UK 2020].

The host of the Biomag2022 conference will be approved in Philadelphia at the Biomag 2018 Business Meeting, scheduled on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 13:15.

The IAB will receive proposals for Biomag2022 from researchers in the field of biomagnetism until July 1, 2018, consider these proposals at the Biomag2018 IAB meeting in Philadelphia and make recommendations for presentations of all eligible proposals at the Biomag 2018 Business Meeting, where a decision regarding the host of the Biomag2022 will be made.

Proposals for Biomag2022 should ideally include:

  1. Name and contact information of the Biomag2020Chair and a preliminary list of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC).
  2. Motivation for organizing Biomag2022.
  3. Experience of the Chair and/or members the LOC in organizing scientific meetings.
  4. Venue choices and information on conference center(s).
  5. Proposed dates of the Biomag2022 and why these dates are optimal.
  6. Funding resources and estimated institutional support.
  7. Hotel accommodation options, price ranges, distance to the conference venue.
  8. International travel arrangements to the venue and local travel from hotels.
  9. Estimated costs to attendees (registration fees and accommodation expenses).
  10. Other matters that may be relevant.

Additionally, all interested in organizing the BIOMAG 2024 Conference are also welcome to send a preliminary letter of intent.

Proposals for Biomag2022 and letters of intent for Biomag2024 should be sent

in pdf format to:

Chun Kee Chung, Chair IAB (2016-2018)

Please copy Tim Roberts, 2018 Biomag Host (