Data Analysis Competition #1

Biomag Challenge on Epilepsy

Data Analysis Competition #2

Biomag Challenge on OPM’s

We are proud to be able to provide the following awards for the recognition at the Biomag2018 meeting

James Zimmerman Prize. (JZP)

The Biomag 2018 Awards Committee congratulates Prof. Tetsuo Kobayashi as the winner of the James Zimmerman Prize. Prof. Kobayashi will receive his award and present his research at the conference Business Meeting (1:00 Wednesday, August 29).

Mid Career Award (MCA).

This award is in recognition of sustained and devoted contributions to the field by a mid-career investigator. Although not formally required, guidelines for eligibility might include >10 but <20 years of continuous effort in the field, significant evidence of peer-reviewed support and exemplary impact on the field. The prize itself has historically been provided by an anonymous donor to the field, but should be in the form of a significant cash award ($5000 in 2018).

Nominations for the Biomag MCA award should consist of three letters of recommendation submitted (along with the candidate’s formal credentials, i.e. CV) at least 4 months in advance of the annual meeting (Deadline: March 31st 2018).

Please submit nomination materials for the JZP and MCA awards directly to Dr Roberts at

Young Investigator Awards.

The Biomag 2018 Awards Committee congratulates the below 10 individuals selected as finalists for the Young Investigator Award (YIA). These 10 scientists will present their study findings in the YIA Oral Presentation session on Monday the 27th of August. Three of the 10 finalists will be selected for cash awards to be presented at the Biomag Gala on Tuesday the 28th of August.

  • Ümit Aydin
  • Abdelkader Nasreddine Belkacem
  • Sonya Bells
  • Christoph Dinh
  • Anne Keitel
  • Sheraz Khan
  • Nataliia Kozhemiako
  • Yosuke Ito
  • Fahimeh Mamashli
  • Harri Piitulainen

Biomag Platinum/Gold Sponsor Student Travel Awards.

After extensive peer review, the Biomag 2018 Awards Committee would like to congratulate the below individuals on being awarded a Student Travel Award. Competition for such awards was fierce with only a small fraction able to be selected. Congratulations!

  • Matthew Boring
  • Diandra Brkic
  • Matthew Courtemanche
  • Diana Dima
  • Sehyeon Jang
  • Daniella Kabella
  • Nataliia Kozhemiako
  • Emily Rogers
  • Alex Wiesman

Biomag Platinum/Gold Sponsor Emerging Nations Travel Awards.

After extensive peer review, the Biomag 2018 Awards Committee congratulates the following individuals awarded an Emerging Nations Travel Award.

  • Ayesha Ahmad
  • Velmurugan Jayabal
  • Haiteng Jiang
  • Fan Wang

Data Analysis Competition

An emerging highlight at Biomag meetings has been the Competition amongst data analysis teams to solve a challenge centering on source localization / time-frequency analysis or related algorithms, posed by an expert committee (data provided via web-link). A dedicated announcement will be provided by the Awards Subcommittee who will administer this challenge, with an Award of $500 to the most accurate / most appropriate / most innovative solution.

*** In addition to the James Zimmerman Prize lecture, it is customary for all awardees to be recognized (and prizes awarded) at a Banquet/Reception event during the annual meeting.